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Introducing our newest product, Addictive Grip Glue😈💕- the ultimate solution to all your lash extension needs! Our Carbon BLACK Adhesive boasts an unbelievable retention rate of 4-7 weeks, providing long-lasting results. With a super fast drying time of 0.3 seconds, you'll be able to improve your speed and have less stickys. Our glue works best under humidity levels between 35%-70% and temperatures ranging from 64.4-78.8 F. It has a viscosity that's in the middle, not too watery or too thick, making it easy to apply. Our formula is also waterproof and oil proof, and it's latex-free, ensuring the safety of all our customers. Get your hands on Addictive Grip Glue😈💕 and take your lash extension game to the next level

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